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IFS PIA is primarily an assessment of suppliers of private label products from retailers and wholesalers. Other food manufacturers can also participate in the programme. Both producers and retailers fall within the scope of IFS PIA.


When you register for the IFS PIA Assessment, you will be asked to complete a survey which will be used by the responsible assessor to prepare the questionnaire. Within your organisation, you can prepare the assessment by downloading all relevant information about IFS PIA.
Here you will find the IFS PIA guideline, the protocol and further information.

Duration of the assessment

An IFS PIA on-site assessment usually takes two days. For this purpose, the IFS appoints an assessor who has completed a special training course for IFS PIA. All evaluations take place on a date and time agreed between your company and the assessor selected by IFS. The assessment is carried out according to IFS PIA criteria, both in terms of documentation and the processes themselves. The assessor will also check the parameters identified during the preparation of the assessment based on customer information and risk assessment.

Evaluation and reporting

After the evaluation, the preliminary report is created which can be used to formulate an improvement plan. The assessor will include the improvement plan in their professional conclusion. The “professional conclusion of the assessor” is a general evaluation with regard to product integrity, risk awareness and the management level of your company. This combined makes up a maximum of ten percent of the final grade (bonus or malus). The assessment report as a whole gives an overview of your company’s overall score against the IFS PIA requirements , the assessor’s professional conclusion as well as company- and industry-specific parameters. Upon completion of the assessment, a letter of confirmation will be issued with the final results.

Registration process

Your company commissions IFS to carry out an evaluation according to IFS PIA. For this purpose you can fill out the contact form.

For the registration process you will be asked to provide information about your company and complete a questionnaire about your customers, activities, products and critical raw materials. With this information, your retail partners will be asked to provide input in form of attention points and a product specification they want to have assessed. IFS and the assessor will prepare the assessment on this basis.

The agreement between your company and IFS is then recorded in a contract. The costs for the IFS PIA Assessment are € 4.950,- plus VAT and travel costs for the assessor.

Once the registration, contract and the payment of the assessment fee ist complete, IFS will commission an assessor who has been trained for IFS PIA and has a contract with IFS. This assessor will contact you and send a time schedule for the evaluation.

Advantages of the IFS PIA Assessment

The IFS PIA program offers significant benefits to companies seeking high quality, product integrity and customer satisfaction. With IFS PIA, you show your customers that you deliver products to specification and manage integrity risks, both within your organization and in the supply chain.

IFS PIA is recognised by large Dutch retailers and their concerns about the product specifications are included in the assessment. They save costs and time by reducing the number of individual assessments and audits.

IFS PIA qualified assessors are trained to conduct product integrity checks and prepare your assessment of the specific risks associated with your products. Consequently you can rely on a competent review of your processes.

The structured reporting and assessment score gives you a comprehensive overview of the product integrity risks and the associated management in your company. This allows you to further improve and optimize your processes in a targeted manner.

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Are you a retailer? Here you will find specific information about the IFS PIA Program: the evaluation, registration process, qualification of auditors, the letter of confirmation and the evaluation report. Or learn more about working with the IFS Database.


We will inform you regularly about new developments with IFS PIA. On this page you will find news, events and all the up to date information about the program.