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The IFS PIA Assessment was developed using the experience of leading Dutch retailers. Food fraud incidents have made consumers and governments more critical and have significantly affected confidence in food products. Legal requirements have been tightened and the pressure on liability has increased. As a retailer, you want to be sure that a supplier can deliver products that meet your product integrity requirements and specifications. This is possible with IFS PIA.

Applicability of IFS PIA

Retailers can ask their suppliers to be evaluated according to IFS PIA. The supplier will then contact  IFS and register for an assessment. In the next step, IFS will ask you Рthe retailer Рto provide attention points and a product specification for the assessment. The assessor will take these criteria into account in their on-site assessment.

Advantages of IFS PIA

Specially trained assessors
For IFS PIA, IFS only works with assessors who have received special training for this purpose. The company is assessed on the basis of the general IFS PIA checklist and other parameters from the prelimenary risk assessment. In this context, the supplier’s critical raw materials are specifically examined. In addition, the assessor evaluates attention points and product specifications of retail customers. This means that an additional check by the retailer is no longer necessary.

Transparent evaluation and reporting
The assessment report gives an overview of the total score of the supplier in relation to the requirements of IFS PIA and the improvement plan of the supplier. In addition, the assessor reports on specific parameters and controls identified during the prelimenary risk assessment and on the attention points addressed by the clients (anonymised). The final result is shown in a letter of confirmation.

Supplier management with the IFS Database
All companies that had an assessment according to IFS PIA are listed in the IFS Database.
By using the search function you can easily find all companies that have been assessed according to IFS PIA or companies that are of interest to you. The confirmation letter and its validity can be viewed. You will be informed if any of the companies you already added as a favourite proceed with IFS PIA.


IFS PIA attaches great importance to the knowledge of the supply chain and the transparency of the respective sector. A good mass balance of critical raw materials provides new insights into its own processes. In addition, the requirements on the auditor are important, as the assessment of integrity requires different skills than the audit of a food safety system.

Rob van de Straat, Director Quality Control, Albert Heijn

As retailers, we feel responsible for ensuring that consumers buy a reliable product, a product that is what it promises. Unfortunately, food fraud is still too common, which can also affect food safety. Producers are not always aware of the risks of fraud and we believe that the IFS Product Integrity Assessment can help them to improve their knowledge and processes.

Johan Hulleman, Quality Manager, Jumbo Supermarkten

By providing attention points for the product integrity assessment, we can influence the product to be tested, and the assessment report gives us the opportunity to discuss individually with the supplier.

Paul van Hooren, Head of Product Integrity, Superunie

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Here you will find useful information about IFS PIA: the registration process, the evaluation itself and how to prepare for it. You can also find out more about the qualification and assessment process and how a report looks like.


We will inform you regularly about new developments with IFS PIA. On this page you will find news, events and all the up to date information about the program.