IFS presents the Product Integrity Assessment at the VMT Food Future Event

Is a product really what it appears to be? Through using IFS PIA, companies will soon be able to answer this question in detail. It is a tool that helps producers and retailers to better understand and control the integrity risks to their products and supply chain.

Combatting food fraud

Cases of food fraud are in the news again and again. The best-known incident still is the horse meat scandal from 2013. The substitution of ingredients with the aim of making a financial profit is one way to cheat. Other cases include incorrect labelling, false certification or the concealment of important information, such as contaminants in raw materials. Although many fraud cases are not in the headlines, they affect product quality and thus consumer confidence in food.

Product integrity enhanced by IFS

The most urgent topics in this area will be discussed in the session “Product Integrity Enhanced by IFS” during the VMT Food Future Event on April 9. In this context, we will also present our new program, the IFS Product Integrity Assessment (IFS PIA).

“The assessment goes beyond how a manufacturer identifies and protects the risks of fraud and integrity for their products in the supply chain. This gives both producers and their customers more clarity, supports dialogue between both parties and ultimately increases consumer confidence,” says Stephan Tromp, IFS Managing Director.

IFS developed this program with the support of Ahold, Jumbo, Superunie and Vion. IFS PIA complements the GFSI standards for quality and food safety.

“Our test assessments have demonstrated that it is necessary to look at raw materials, suppliers and business processes differently in order to assess product integrity,” explains Julia Füllenbach, IFS Technical Project Manager.

IFS only works with trained assessors. They evaluate all IFS PIA criteria as well as the parameters determined during the preparation phase, based on customer input and a risk evaluation.