PIA Netwerk

IFS PIA Working group

A working group, in which various stakeholders were represented, was set up for the development of IFS PIA. The following persons have participated in this working group:

  • Paul van Hooren, Manager Product Integrity, Superunie
  • Johan Hulleman, Quality Manager, Jumbo
  • Rob van de Straat, Director Quality Control, Albert Heijn
  • Julia Füllenbach, Standard Management
  • Stephan Tromp, Managing Director

IFS ITC and national working groups

In addition, the results of the IFS PIA Working Group were presented to the International Technical Committee (ITC) and the IFS National Working Groups. In so doing, representatives of retail, producers, certification bodies and food services from different countries were able to give their feedback. Ultimately, the IFS PIA programme was validated by the IFS ITC.
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