The IFS Product Integrity Assessment

The purpose of IFS PIA is to become aware of and manage risks relating to product integrity and food fraud. PIA is an assessment tool that provides in-depth information about business transcations – it shows how suppliers identify and protect themselves against the risks of fraud and how food integrity is maintained. By utilzing the tool,  trust can be created between suppliers and their customers.

Supply chain globalization

More than 30 ingredients and potential sourcing origins


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Here you will find useful information about IFS PIA: the registration process, the evaluation itself and how to prepare for it. You can also find out more about the qualification and assessment process and how a report looks like.


Are you a retailer? Here you will find specific information about the IFS PIA Program: the evaluation, registration process, qualification of auditors, letter of confirmation and the evaluation report. Or find out more about working with the IFS Database.


We will inform you regularly about new developments with IFS PIA. On this page you will find news, events and all the up to date information about the program.